Brooklyn Community Pride Center

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Artists, Jenny Q and Sam Kirk completed their final mural of 2017 at the new Brooklyn Community Pride Center in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. Together they have completed 10 murals this year between New York and Chicago, celebrating various cultures through vibrant colors while creating dialogue via their focus on marginalized communities for the public to enjoy.

The couple, in their respective and artistic collaborations create artwork that provides positive visual representation for the many communities and faces that are often underrepresented. For Jenny, this mural was also an opportunity to express her love and appreciation for where she was born and raised, Brooklyn. Focusing on fashion styling, patterns, and typography, she filled it with a style and flavor that resembles the many sights she enjoyed over the years.

The mural, titled ““Beautiful, Bold, Brilliant, Brooklyn” is a tribute to the center for the safe space and community building it provides for the LGBTQ/Allied multi-generational Brooklynite community.

“It is challenging to find spaces within reach where we feel comfortable with expressing, discovering, learning more about ourselves. This space fulfills this need in Brooklyn.” – Jenny Q. and Sam Kirk

Learn more about Brooklyn Community Pride Center here. 


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