"We will be proud. We will be celebrated. We will be seen."

We are a small, QPOC, women owned and operated collective that celebrates culture via art, dance, food and travel. Our site is inspired by artists and entrepreneurs that celebrate culture and identity thru their work.

Here you will find custom pieces made by members of our group or artists that we are working with, projects that we have curated, and recommendations for places that we have found in our explorations around the world. 

Our projects include collaborations with community organizations, private institutions, and commercial brands nationally and internationally. 

Our online store is here to support artists and the communities we come from. All artists receive 80% of all sales. The remaining 20% donated to community organizations and/or used to help fund projects we are working within the community.

Majority of the organizations we support help women and youth dealing with homelessness, violence or are living under difficult circumstances. 

Our customers determine who we donate to. If you're purchasing an item during check out, make sure to select which organization you would like your purchase to benefit. 

We donate to the following organizations:

    • Ava's Change4Youth
    • Brooklyn Community Pride Center
    • IPaintMyMind
    • The Center on Halsted                                                                             

Contact us at

You can reach us via phone between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday - Friday at 312.880.7446. 

Provoke Culture, PO Box 87388, Chicago, IL 60680