Las Puertas del Paseo Boricua

13 Latino Artists painted 16 doors in Chicago's Humboldt Park Neighborhood to celebrate our cultures, reflect on obstacles we've overcome, current political challenges, and the unity and integration that we want to see more often and in our future.


Empowerment via street art. We work with community organizations to develop public art that makes a statement and an impact.


We work with non-profit organizations to develop artwork that visually shares their story, while creating products to help raise funds to donate towards their efforts.

UIC Latino Cultural Center: Social Pollinators

We partner with academic institutions to create programs that spark dialogue around social and environmental issues, while creating opportunities for artists of color.

Welcome to Provoke Culture!

We are a small, QPOC, women owned and operated collective  that celebrates culture via art, dance, food, and travel.

Here you will find select limited edition art prints and creative goods for your home or wardrobe. Our blog section shares news about our community projects and our travels around the globe.  Follow along as we adventure ahead! 

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Expand your art collection! Limited and Timed Edition Art Prints include reproductions of original paintings, murals, and illustrations

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We work with non-profit and local organizations regularly to develop artwork that helps to share their message. Browse our designs that help educate and give back to those who need it most. 

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If you're going to wear it, might as well make a statement!  


The Quirks, illustrators Jenny Q and Sam Kirk created a line of greeting cards for all of the people, events and occasions  celebrated by their multi-cultural, queer communities. New designs are released quarterly. 

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This is a new section for us, but we will be filling it with a combination of art books! In the meantime, enjoy our first coloring book! 

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Can we Desegregate Chicago?

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Broadway Youth Center

We kicked off 2018 with a fun new mural with the youth at Broadway Youth Center. Sam Kirk met with youth at the drop-in center to develop a concept for the mural and has been working with them to create a 6' x 16' mural that will be installed at the entrance. 

TraffickFree: Helping to transform the lives of human trafficking survivors and communities

This year, 2018, we will partner with TraffickFree to exhibit  artwork that visually shares a glimpse into the lives of human trafficking survivors. 

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Brookyln Community Pride Center

Artists, Jenny Q and Sam Kirk completed their final mural of 2017 at the new Brooklyn Community Pride Center in Bedstuy, Brooklyn.

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Healing to Action: Fight to end gender-based violence

We partnered with Healing to Action during the summer of 2017 to create artwork that represented their efforts to mobilize workers and their communities in the fight to end gender-based violence. 

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Provoke Culture

We will be proud. We will be celebrated. We will be seen. 

Blog posts

Open Letter To My Younger Self: You'll be fine. Let Go.

Open Letter To My Younger Self: You'll be fine. Let Go.

In November of 2017,  I received a text that would fulfill a couple of my dreams. Curator, Neysa Page-Lieberman asked “Would I like to go to ...
Can we Desegregate Chicago?

Can we Desegregate Chicago?

I want to know how successful we would be as a city if we integrated more -- if we combined strengths and competed less -- if we built bridges and created financial sustainability amongst each other. What would Chicago be like if it wasn’t segregated?



This year, 2018, we will partner with TraffickFree to exhibit artwork that helps to share a visual glimpse into the lives of human trafficking survivors.